About Illumen

The story of a dream.

My name is Isabelle Decallonne. In 2018 I decided (after many years working behind the scene in the music business) to make an old dream come true: to start my own studio where I manufacture stained glass windows.

Thanks to the solid initiation at the famous Atelier Mestdagh in Ghent, the training at the Academy for the Arts in Anderlecht and especially the many hours of practice in my own workshop, I learned to master the skills of this amazingly beautiful craft.

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The premise.

As a qualified designer, I adore to manufacture beautiful, solid and authentic products that you can enjoy every day.

For me, a stained glass window embodies everything I love as a maker:
puzzling with light, shapes, colours and textures, endless magical and blissful effects, an artisanal production process, a tangible answer to the search for authenticity:
an old craft where a breath of fresh air blows.

approach and cost

Illumens style.

The designs i draw and realize are abstract and timeless.

In my works I strive to make maximum use of upcycled flat glass.

some examples


Illumen wishes a glass window for everyone:
a lifetime joy of magical and blissful light.