Bespoke stained glass window

Bespoke Stained glass

No doubt you were once intrigued by the magical appearance of a stained-glass window in, for example, an Art Deco/Art Nouveau home or a catering business.

Do you dream of a stained glass window in your home or business? Here’s the good news: that dream is within reach and stained glass windows have become trendy again. As a contemporary stained glass maker, I design and realize modern stained glass windows in a subtle colour palette and with sophisticated lines tailored to the place where it is installed.
From its installation, it provides a fascinating play of light that will leave no one unmoved. Moreover, it will give your home a nice upgrade that every visitor will notice


Each new stained glass window is a unique creation and is completely handmade according to the rules of the art. The design (the drawing and the colour palette) is completely attuned to the foreseen place. The style/colour of your interior, the orientation of the window, the view behind it and the examples that inspire you are taken into account.

Slow design.

During a visit to the location where the glass window is to be installed, we discuss the design / the lines / the desired colour palette and the selection of the glass type(s).

For the design, I prefer the timeless nature of an abstract drawing.

Close consultation

Within the week, I will provide you with a design (a digital simulation of the stained glass window in the intended location) and a clear quotation. As soon as you approve the proposal, we plan the realization of the work. You are welcome in my studio for the final choice of colours and glass type(s).

I carry out the realization and placement of the stained glass window myself.

Sustainable and timeless.

A glass window is a magical and sustainable eye-catcher. The endless metamorphosis of the enchanting play of light creates an ever-changing warm atmosphere. Good weather or bad weather, the glass continues to shine tirelessly with the available light. The realization is done with the greatest care and skill. As a result, your stained glass will be cherished for several generations. The glass and lead are pure materials with an endless lifespan.

In short, a custom-made glass window is a lifelong and carefree enjoyment of blissful and magical light in your home or business.

Do you want to know what is possible at your place? Send me a message or call me, and we’ll meet to look at the possibilities together.

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Customers quotes:

“Contemporary design using traditional craft. A very skilled lady, pleasant to cooperate with. Strongly recommended.” 

Marc – Buizingen

“ Superb creations with a perfect price / quality ratio!” 

Thierry – Brussel

“ Isabelle works in an extremely professional manner with a lot of love for her job and attention to the client. Here, she took care of the stained glass windows of the portal

Manon – Rozebeke