Repair of damaged stained glass windows

Do you have a glass window with break(s), missing pieces or a damaged lead net? That is not a pleasant sight, it can be dangerous and can accelerate further deterioration. Quick action is recommended.

Are you looking for someone who can professionally repair the damage?

Then you are at the right place. Atelier Illumen restores stained glass windows so that they can sparkle like new. Broken glass parts are replaced. If the damage is too important, the entire glass window can be dismantled and completely re-leaded. You will also get advise on how future damage can be avoided.

How is a broken glass part replaced?

Simple repairs can be carried out on site. For complex repairs or a makeover, it is recommended to carefully break out the glass window and repair it in the workshop.

Very precisely, with surgical precision, the lead around the broken glass is opened. The old putty is removed, so the broken glass can be removed from the panel. The lead profiles around are cleaned. Then a new glass that is as similar as possible is cut and placed in the opening. The lead is closed again and the panel is made completely water- and windproof with new putty.

Would you like advice about the approach and an idea about the cost price?

Send me some pictures and the dimensions of the panel. You can expect a quick response from me. If necessary, I will come to measure the damage on site.

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Customers quotes:

“Beautiful restoration of the stained glass windows in the dining room of the Regina Caelilyceum. The heritage of our school is preserved and our students get to know the craft up close through the expert support of Isabelle!”

Gerda en Elfriede – Dilbeek

“Thank you for taking the repair to heart.”

Peter – Gent